About Visit Bolsover

Visit Bolsover has been developed by two local business owners who came to realise that Bolsover wasn't well represented for the promotion of both tourism and trading within the town.

Whilst the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020/21 has hit many small and local businesses hard, these entrepreneurs decided that they needed to develop the idea as many other counties, districts and towns had in providing a 'go to' place for visitors and local people alike. VisitBolsover was born.

Local tourism, at least partially, is helping to soften the blow of the hardest hit areas of the Coronavirus pandemic, thankfully government is taking action to restore and re-activate the sector, while protecting jobs and businesses. Now is the time to act and begin to secure our future by promoting and developing our tourism and attraction to the local area. There are several aspects and aims that we need to consider to increase the number of visitors not only to the district but to the town as well.

Our Aims

· To ensure that visitors and the local community have confidence when visiting, improving the experience and making Bolsover a safe place to visit and shop.

· To support businesses by promoting what Bolsover has to offer.

· To promote Bolsover, nationally, using new and existing contacts.

· To provide promotional and interactive material to draw visitors into Bolsover town.

Confidence and Improving Experience

Social distancing and those who have been shielding. While some of us have had to return to the high street and have felt confident to, there are many who have not and do not know what to expect or how they will need to behave. "As I returned after the first lockdown there were some aspects that, along with wearing a mask and having my glasses steam up, seemed very daunting and alien to my previous shopping experiences."

Supporting Businesses

We are working collaboratively with other organisations to use the VisitBolsover website and other social media to link to existing businesses both shop front and home based. We hope that local businesses will use this as a platform to promote Bolsover as a destination and a great day out.

Promote Bolsover

Without the daily commute to a larger town or city, more people are spending more time in their immediate local area, providing opportunities for local high streets. As more people stay in their local areas, there is a potential for a rejuvenation of the high street on a level different to anything before.

A local initiative is being developed to enable local business to ‘bounce back’ following the devastation, for many, of the Coronavirus pandemic. VisitBolsover is operated by members of local businesses with a view to putting Bolsover back on the map, especially in terms of increasing the number of visitors to the Historic Market Town. We welcome all visitors to Bolsover Castle to visit the shops and other historical sites.

VisitBolsover aims to promote local businesses through its website and other social media to reach beyond the boundaries of Bolsover and increase the number of visitors to the town.

Promotional & Interactive Material

Through the use of this website and other social media local businesses will be able to establish a connection to the wider area, promoting Bolsover as a destination and a place to visit time again.